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Gift Ideas for Bearded Dragons

You don't have to wait until Christmas to get a gift for your pet! But what do you get the beardie who has everything?

I've trawled around and come up with some selections to give you ideas.

Remember, if you are giving a bearded dragon as a birthday present it's the best idea to just give the vivarium and accessories on the day as it needs a week for you to get used to controlling the temperatures and for the heat to be at a stable level. 

A birthday is a busy and exciting time, and is not the ideal environment to introduce a bearded  dragon to the family.  Bearded dragons need a couple of weeks to settle into their new homes, and may not eat at all during this stressful settling in period.  They should not be handled for the first couple of weeks, and it may be hard to avoid the temptation to show off a new pet to visiting friends and relatives.  So far better to give the equipment, and then choose your new pet in the New Year. 

If you want to know the full list of equipment that you'll need to buy for your new bearded dragon see our equipment page

I hope this page gives you some ideas for gifts.

Giving a Bearded Dragon as a  Birthday Present

How about a leash for keeping your bearded dragon safe when taking him outside on a sunny day?

Or remodel his vivarium with a new rock type background.  Does he need a new feeding dish or something different to bask on? 
Or there may be some suggestions here that you'd like to put on your Wish List!
Remember, your UVB tube should be replaced every 6 months or else it starts to lose its effectiveness.  A new tube might be just the thing to brighten your bearded dragon's Christmas Day.